Announcing The Great Jackrabbits Juncture!


The Great Jackrabbits Juncture!

Just what is a “juncture,” you ask? And what has it to do with Jackrabbits – Mesa High Jackrabbits, in particular?  “Juncture,” as defined, is a.) The act of joining or the condition of being joined. b.) A place where two things are joined.  With this in mind, the Mesa High Alumni Association introduces its ultimate jackpot of junctures – the MHS Alumni Jackrabbits Foundation – where MHS Jackrabbits of yesteryear combine forces (and resources) with MHS Jackrabbits of today, and join together in a united effort to keep the traditional Mesa High spirit and motto of excellence that has defined their alma mater for over a century, alive and well . . . and ongoing!

Back in 2015, a group of actively involved Mesa High parents came together with a collective vision of an organized association of students, parents, teachers and alumni – an all-inclusive Mesa High community – created with the express purpose of helping to facilitate the financial means that would allow MHS to continue to ensure the kind of quality educational experience that has for past decades inspired and endowed it’s students with it’s lofty motto and mantra . . . Tradition. Honor. Excellence. The sole intent and purpose of this Foundation was to provide a vehicle to enable Mesa High Alumni, especially, to give back – financially – to this institution that has given so much to them; an opportunity to do THEIR part to “Carry On” that mantra.

Today, with a student body of over 3,200 high school freshmen through seniors, Mesa High’s goal – as stated by Principal Kirk E. Thomas – to “empower” it’s diverse community of learners, comes at a high cost, both intellectually and financially. Education budgets fall short of growing student academic needs and specialized course demands. Funds once available for extra-curricular programs and functions have been drastically reduced, and even cut completely for a significant number of once-popular and traditionally-offered electives and activities.  With the number of Mesa High student groups and clubs somewhere around 60 – everything from Athletics to Musical Theater; from AVID, DECA, ROTC and HOSA to NHS and ASL Organizations; from the Academic Decathlon to the Culinary Club – the buzz word is “fundraisers,” “fundraisers” and more “fundraisers”! That’s where the MHS Alumni Jackrabbits Foundation comes in!

Again, it’s about Jackrabbits giving back.  The Jackrabbits Foundation offers MHS Alumni a new giving opportunity to help keep Mesa High strong and make a difference in the lives of its students of today.  It offers a chance at a renewed sense of pride in helping provide a first-class, well-rounded educational experience – the kind of experience we’ve come to know as the “traditional” Mesa High experience.  It offers an invitation to be part of an absolutely incredible communal achievement, in continuing the great educational mission of an institution that its alumni are all fortunate and proud to call their alma mater!

Please accept this invitation and become a part of The Great Jackrabbits Juncture!  Join the MHS Alumni Jackrabbits Foundation and be part of an amazing force for good!  Please give back NOW – regardless of the size of your donation – and do YOUR part to help be a positive impact in the lives of high school students who deserve the kind of excellence in an educational experience that you know Mesa High can provide . . . with a little help from the Jackrabbits Foundation, of course!